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The Program-IT Ltd was founded in 2002 and originally was specialized for IT consultancy. We’ve successfully managed many different projects in the financial and in the government sector as well mainly in Hungary but also in other European countries.

At the beginning our services were limited to project management, consultancy, process improvement and testing while recently we’re focusing on test automation services. All the applications we’ve been tested so far are still up and running and we’re proud of the fact that our customers have never faced with critical operational errors since the tests have been finished.

Our main target is to clearly communicate the operational risks to our clients before the systems are released and go live. Due to the wide scale of the systems our colleagues have seen we’re seeking opportunities to review new ones and help our specialists to get to know yours on the shortest period that possible.

Please check the following film that shows you the efficiency of our test automata SeC4T (SeleniumCockpitForTesters):

We’re looking forward to your request, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,

Peter Csanyi

Recording the test

As a first step to simplify the testing we need to record the test steps. The system records objects (not positions) to avoid amendments on the scripts when the position of a field or a design element changes on a webpage.


It is easy to define a test scenario with only some clicks . You only need to define when, on which device, with what data and which test step you’d like to run. The test scenario can even be saved and re-used later.


The reports are generated automatically after each test, giving more time for analyzing the test results. The graphs and diagrams in the reports are also to simplify the review and analysis process.